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Thinking about CarShop Home Delivery?

Let a customer tell you why you should.

CarShop trailer to deliver used cars.

Occasionally, we get letters that describe the CarShop experience better than we can ourselves. Virginia resident Leslie Treaster wrote us about her daughter’s experience.

"Not a fan of the traditional car buying experience where you spend hours in a car dealership while a salesman runs back and forth crunching numbers with his sales manager before asking you to sign a bazillion forms? Neither are we. My daughter just took a bit of a gamble and purchased a car totally online from a company called CarShop. Having no ability to see the car in person (nor sit inside it) was a little scary at first but knowing she could decline the sale if she wasn’t satisfied gave her the little push to go for it.

The most time consuming part was also the most fun part… shopping their website.

Leslie Treaster

It was a quick and easy process. The most time consuming part was also the most fun part… shopping their website. Once she found the car, she submitted an application online and quickly received a call from a sales associate. Roughly 36 hours later her car was enroute to her. It took 5 hours in transit with the driver calling midway to let her know his ETA. He arrived on time (in spite of Northern VA traffic on the Friday afternoon before Memorial Day) and arrived with as much excitement as if he himself had purchased the car for her. The signing of paperwork took no more than 15 minutes outside on the porch and then he was gone.

The car is absolutely perfect. Very low mileage, one time owner, pristine condition and has a lifetime engine warranty. A LIFETIME engine warranty- who does that?  We are already thinking about our next car purchase."