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Memorial Day Hours

All CarShop Showrooms will be open from 8AM-4PM on Memorial Day. Service will be closed.
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Over 20 lenders competing for your business. WOW!

You know CarShop is all about no hassle, and when it comes to financing it’s no different. We work with 20+ national and local lenders, doing the work that gets you the best possible financing. 


Need to choose a car you can afford? We can help. Use our tools to calculate how much car fits your budget or to estimate your monthly payment.


Easy Approval

Even problem-credit is often no problem. Because we deal with over 20 banks, the deal you get is better.


Extended Coverage

Many banks won’t finance extended coverage like adding protection to 100,000 miles. The ones we work with typically will — even optional Allstate® Protection Programs.


Apply Online

Have a car in mind already? Take the next step and apply for credit online.

Why finance with CarShop?


Greater volume, lower rates

Because we sell so many cars, we can obtain lower than the advertised rates from our lenders — providing you with savings and ease by leveraging our financial relationships.


Quick process

Not only can you apply for financing online, you can also choose Home Delivery — the most convenient way to shop CarShop.


More than one option

We deal with over 20 lenders so you get more financing options that fit your budget range. 


One stop shopping 

No one wants to go to the bank for approval, wait, and then have to collect the check. We’ll do the legwork for you.


Financing is smart

When it comes to big ticket items, paying in cash can leave you exposed. With today’s competitive financing options, our customers can enjoy the benefits of keeping cash on hand, reducing high-interest debts, or making smart investments. See how choosing to finance your vehicle can lead to better financial outcomes.