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Memorial Day Hours

All CarShop Showrooms will be open from 8AM-4PM on Memorial Day. Service will be closed.
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Warranty Programs.

Superior coverage for your car.

We can offer extended protection on your CarShop car with additional warranty options from Allstate®.

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For the first 6 months or 6,000 miles, we’ve got you covered on your CarShop Certified car, right down to the wiper blades. See Dealer for copy of warranty.

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Lifetime Engine Guarantee

CarShop is so sure of the quality cars we offer, that we cover your engine for as long as you own your vehicle. Really. See Dealer for copy of warranty.

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Factory Warranties.

Because most CarShop vehicles are so low-mileage, many of our cars come with the original warranties still in force — protection that with few exceptions transfers to you when you purchase a CarShop Certified vehicle. And if you want to extend protection, your options are similar, and sometimes better, than what new car buyers enjoy.


Additional Protection.

Allstate® Vehicle Protection Products

Available additional protection provides the ultimate in stress-free.


Allstate® Guaranteed Asset Protection

Covers you if your vehicle is a total loss due to theft or accident and the insurance money received is less than the outstanding balance of the loan. Download brochure.

  • Protection for new and used vehicles valued or financed up to $100,000
  • Reimbursement for your insurance deductible up to $1,000
  • Waives covered losses up to $50,000
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Allstate® Guaranteed Asset Protection

Allstate® Complete Protection

Takes care of your vehicle inside and out with coverage for repair or replacement of tires, wheels, keys, windshield cracks, interior rips, tears, cuts or burns and minor exterior dings and dents. Because CarShop vehicles are already reconditioned to the highest cosmetic standards, we offer only the Platinum Package. Download brochure.

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Allstate® Complete Protection

Allstate® Vehicle Service Contract

Avoid costly, unexpected mechanical repairs. As CarShop vehicles are reconditioned to such a high mechanical standard, we only offer the Premier Care package. Download brochure.

  • Pays 100 percent of covered parts and labor, after deductible
  • Provides protection against increasing replacement costs
  • Transferable, can add to the resale value of your vehicle
  • Availability of program based on current mileage of CarShop vehicle
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Allstate® Vehicle Service Contract

This is a summary of the Allstate® Vehicle Service Contract coverage terms.

Have questions about our Warranty Programs? Give our customer service team a call at (866) 736-7383.


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