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Values provided by Kelley Blue Book.

Have a car to trade?

Trade you for it! If you’re ready to trade, you can get the KBB value of your vehicle with a free online valuation.


Have a car to sell?

Your vehicle is worth a lot to us, your trust even more. Sell us your car without the salesy part. It’s the easiest, no-haggle way to sell your car.

Selling your car at CarShop.

Sell your car at CarShop

See how easy our process is!

Fair, as always.

We accept all trade-in vehicles regardless of condition and we strive to offer you the best and fairest value for your trade. However, because appraisals involve subjective factors and owners sometimes overlook features, the value of your car may be slightly higher or lower when we inspect your car in person.


Your choice.

Trade-in valuations can also be established by making an in-person appointment, or by clicking the Trade In tab on pages that feature individual cars.

If you have any questions about trading your vehicle, please call (866) 736-7383 to speak with a sales consultant.

Disclaimer: Kelley Blue Book Co., Inc. All Rights Reserved. Values and pricing are the opinions of Kelley Blue Book, and the actual price of a vehicle may vary. The value and pricing information displayed for a particular vehicle is based upon the specification, mileage and/or condition information provided by the person generating this report. Kelley Blue Book assumes no responsibility for errors or omissions. The amount of any offer for your trade-in will be finalized by us upon actual inspection of your vehicle. In addition, if you have provided us with an amount owed on trade in, we have relied on this amount as part of the estimate of your net trade in.


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