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Driving Change Together: CarShop Teams Up with Local Animal Welfare Organizations

We’re always looking to inspire and drive happiness at CarShop, and our new community service partnership fits perfectly. Recently, we've partnered with two animal welfare organizations in our communities: Philly PAWS and Humane Animal Rescue of Pittsburgh. This collaboration is about hope – not just for animals in need, but for the communities we all serve. With Philly PAWS and HARP, we're committing to animal welfare and adoption.

By rescuing, rehabilitating, and finding loving adopters for homeless animals with nowhere else to go and providing affordable vet care and other services so pets can stay in their homes where they are loved, Philly PAWS and HARP both provide a vital and growing safety net for their community's most vulnerable cats and dogs.

We’re using CarShop’s social media accounts to encourage the adoption of pets in need around Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. Animals from each shelter are featured every month on Facebook, Instagram, and X. We believe that bolstering these shelters' online presence encourages adoption and raises awareness of the importance of pet welfare.

This partnership shows how effective collective action can be in creating positive change in our local communities. CarShop is all about fostering a culture of care and responsibility for all, including our furry friends in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh.

Want to participate? You can support this cause by participating in adoption events, volunteering, or simply spreading the word about the importance of pet adoption and welfare. Each action, no matter the size, contributes to a larger wave of change that benefits not only pets but our community.

If this initiative moves you and you wish to contribute to the cause or adopt a pet in need, please visit the websites of Philly Paws and Humane Animal Rescue of Pittsburgh.