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CarShop Answers: Trading In

Young girl sitting in trunk of a trade-in vehicle with a soccer ball.

Life moves fast, right?

One day you’re cruising down the street, headed to work in your sporty coupe, and the next you’re taking little Suzie to dance practice while rushing to pick up Ellie from soccer. Your fun and faithful two-door just isn’t cutting it.

Or maybe you just love having a newer car with the latest features. Maybe you’re over the color. Maybe you’re just ready for something different.

When your car just doesn’t fit your lifestyle anymore it could be time to trade it in.

The thought of dealing with selling your current ride and then having to find a new one to replace it keeps many people delaying their upgrade. But there is another option that could be the solution you’ve been looking for.

Trading in.

There are fewer steps, and as a bonus, there may be significant tax savings depending on your state/locality versus selling your vehicle on your own and purchasing another vehicle without a trade-in.

So, it makes a lot of sense to put the value of your old vehicle toward your new one, but where do you start? Here at CarShop, our trade-in process is simple and hassle-free, and you can even start the process online!

To begin your trade-in, you can visit the Trade/Sell page on our site to start the appraisal process. You’ll plug in some info about your vehicle into our free online valuation tool powered by Kelly Blue Book to get an estimate of how much your vehicle is worth. (You can also get this information by clicking the Trade/Sell page on the pages of individual cars if you’re already browsing).

Ready to get more serious and take your car into one of our stores for a full appraisal?

We accept all trade-in vehicles regardless of condition. However, inspecting your vehicle at one of our stores enables us to give you the most money possible. Appraisals involve subjective factors and owners sometimes overlook features, so the value of your car may be slightly higher or lower than the online estimator tool accounted for. That’s why we need one of our experts to look over your vehicle to do a full appraisal and get you your fair offer. Don’t worry, getting your offer is free too.

How do you determine what ‘fair’ is?”

It’s not too complicated. Basically, we pay wholesale market value for your car, and that value changes daily based on the supply and demand of your particular model. The value would amount to roughly what we would pay had we bought it at an auction.

Oh, that makes sense. So where do I bring it in?”

We’ve got locations in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Arizona. Just choose your closest location to schedule a visit.

But what if the car I want to trade in for isn’t at my location?”

No problem! Almost any car you see on our site can be transported to your local CarShop, so you get the vehicle you want, without having to settle for what’s at the local store only.

Awesome! I was eyeing one of the Subaru Crosstreks on your site, and trading in my current ride will make it so much easier to pay for.”

And that’s what we’re here for! Making things as easy as possible for you.


Have any additional questions about trading in or selling your vehicle? Give us a call at 866-736-7383 to speak to a CarShop sales consultant.

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